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ADJ Infotech is
a Indian company
formed with a
group of Information Technology experts

ADJ Infotech is an Indian company formed with a group of Information Technology experts. We envisioned and instigated the adoption of flexible business practices, to operate efficiently and produce more value. Keeping view, the phenomenal rise in the customer base of generalized software solutions.

ADJ Infotech is a fast-growing name, owing to its successful solution launches in financial, Insurance and Hospital management with ever-increasing users in Financial and Insurance sector, ADJ Infotech is spreading at a meteoric speed to all corners of India. ADJ Infotech has its corporate office in the US and EMEA and also expanding to overseas of other countries.


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Cloud (Azure)

Web Role, Worker Role, Azure Websites, Virtual Machines , Azure Storage, Azure SQL Database , Web Jobs, Azure Cache, Azure Service Bus, Azure CDN , Redis


iOS, Android Windows Phone , Xamarin, PhoneGap (Certified)

Front End Development

Javascript / Query , Knockout, Angular, Backbone , Typescript SharePoint us Client Object Model CONTACT US HQ Pho CB

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